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Hi reader , Welcome to Electrical Engineering Info  and here you will get closer to EEI .You will be  getting to know about Electrical Engineering Info and me, more closely and probably after reading this, you might like to join us on various social networking sites. 

I , Amarnath Palakala started this blog in december 2013. Electrical Engineering Info is driven by me to create a hub for thousands of net surfers in india , by providing them information on electrical Machines ,Power Systems , Circuits ,Power Electronics,Electrical Measurements and Control Systems.When I intially have an idea of possessing a blog I couldn't decide on which content my blog should be. So finally as I'm a electrical  engineer have full knowledge on  electrical engineering and my experiences about electronic devices , I decided to start this blog.

Electrical Engineering Info is for anyone who are crazy about staying online and surfing web always.Here at Electrical Engineering Info I share everything I have learned all through out my experiences in Electricals and Electronics.You can get all my written articles links in the sitemap available in homepage .

What you will find on Electrical Engineering Info ??

  • Machines
  • Power Systems
  • Circuits
  • Control Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Electrical Measurements
  • Electronics

Why Electrical Engineering Info ??

Electrical Engineering Info  drives you to basics , latest technologies in Electronics, projects in electrical and electronics engineering and updated news on  Electrical drives.

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